Firm Overview


Our experienced staff is fully committed to promoting our clients' interests. Progressive thinking, unparalleled client advocacy, personal service and value for service are the cornerstones of the firm.

Relias Law Group, Ltd has its genesis in 2008 when it was founded by George J. Relias as a vehicle to provide legal services to clients beyond the scope of his other affiliate corporations and partnerships that concentrated on property taxation. Today both real estate law and property taxation matters are services exclusively by Relias Law Group, Ltd.


Our experienced team is comprised of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals. They draw on their diverse backgrounds and broad experiences in business, real estate and law to advance arguments and theories overlooked by other, lesser, practitioners. By working at leading commercial real estate organizations, lending institutions and law firms, the collective experience gained provides valuable insight, knowledge and understanding of property ownership, management and brokerage issues. These experiences enable our team to evaluate, understand and implement strategies for any property type.


Relias Law Group provides unparalleled client advocacy. We take our fiduciary role as client advocates seriously. We take on cases other attorneys may pass because of our heightened sense of duty and client loyalty. This commitment guaranties our clients truly superior advocacy at all levels of representation.


As knowledgeable advocates, we develop and advance progressive/cutting edge theories that enable our clients to reduce their assessments and save taxes. Relias Law Group is a leader in advancing such concepts as tangible and intangible personal property, purchase price allocation, and business enterprise value segmentation. Relias Law Group pushes the boundaries to advance our clients’ interests.


Just as each property is unique, so too is each client. Relias Law Group believes that each client is entitled to uncompromising personal service. We strive to anticipate our clients' needs and accommodate their unique situations. Furthermore, we are committed to timely communication with our clients on the progress of their matters. From the beginning, our focus is on building relationships with clients as advisors, not just as attorneys.  We understand our clients business and industries.  The extra effort required to learn about our clients enables us to support their long-term business strategies and cater to their short term business needs.


At Relias Law Group we understand that in today’s world value for service is extremely important. Law firms generally are accused of being insensitive to cost pressures.  They must charge higher and higher fees to combat their swollen payrolls and overhead costs.  We strive for a fair compensation structure in every matter we undertake. In general, Relias Law Group works on a contingency fee basis.  As such, our goals align with our clients to create a win-win situation.