Telecommunications Portfolio

  • Saved over $3,500,000 in Real Estate Taxes over only six years
  • Centralized financial, property and assessment data in one web-based proprietary database
  • Initiated appeals in multiple jurisdictions

George Relias was retained through an alliance with DTZ to evaluate and appeal the 200 largest leased locations in the CenturyLink/Qwest portfolio. Although most of the client’s operating assets are centrally assessed, we obtained assessment data on all the leased locations and incorporated this data directly into the client’s proprietary real estate database. Thereby centralizing real; property, real estate tax data and leased data in one web-based data repository. By accessing this centralized database, we distributed financial, property and assessment data electronically to the various referral law firms for analysis tax appeal action. Through these efforts CenturyLink/Qwest has saved over $3,500,000 in real estate taxes over a six year period.